Nonimmigrant Visas

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Port of Spain is responsible for providing visa services to those seeking to enter the United States for a temporary period and for those wishing to take up indefinite or permanent residence in the United States.

Please visit our Global Support Services (GSS) website for additional information on applying for a nonimmigrant U.S. visa, including a directory of nonimmigrant visa categories.

To contact a customer service representative , please visit the GSS Contact Us page for full information or use contact information below

Email: To reach a customer service representative via email, please write to

The US Embassy Trinidad and Tobago is located at 15 Queens Park West , Port of Spain. The Consular waiting room is located on Marli Street.

Bags, including purses, backpacks, brief cases, diaper bags, and luggage are prohibited.

Applicants are reminded that liquids ( except baby formula), weapons, cellular phones and all other electronic devices are not allowed into the waiting area, these items should be secured elsewhere prior to your appointment. The Consular Waiting room is air-conditioned, therefore persons who are easily chilled should walk with a sweater.

Applicants will be allowed into the waiting room no more than 15 minutes prior to their appointment, if you arrive before this time you will be asked to return closer to your appointment time. Typically, children under 14 are not required to appear on the day of the interview.

Family members or caregivers who wish to accompany an applicant on the day of their interview are required to seek advance permission to enter the Consular Waiting Room. To submit this request, please email at least 2 working days before the confirmed appointment.

Provide the full name of the applicant, the caregiver, the appointment date and time along with a short explanation of why the applicant needs to be accompanied.

  1. Complete the online visa application form DS-160.
  2. Visit the Information and Appointment Website and register for visa services by creating an account.
  3. Pay the application fee at a Scotiabank location.  You must first register online and obtain the payment slip before you can pay the fee.  Here is a list of common visa application fees.
  4. Schedule an appointment.  This can be done online via the Information and Appointment Website or by calling the Visa Call Center at (868)-235-4500 Monday to Friday, during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You must wait until after the payment has cleared  (24-48 hours) to schedule your appointment.
  5. Appear at the U.S. Embassy for interview and/or fingerprinting.

Expedited and Emergency Appointments 

In order, to request an expedited appointment you must schedule into the earliest available appointment at the Consular Section. Select the “Request Expedite” link on the “Application Summary Page” and follow the instructions. Please provide a detailed explanation of the nature of your emergency.

 An approved expedite request allows for an earlier appointment. The visa processing time is generally 7-10 working days and cannot be expedited.

Group Appointments

Please be advised that we do not schedule groups provided that appointments are available through the standard process.

Applicants who wish to apply as a group can use the regular application process and simply schedule all of the appointments for the same day at the same time.

If sufficient appointments are not available, please contact the Consular Section at

Visas for Domestic Employees of B, E, F, H, I, J, L, O, P Visa Holders and U.S. Citizens Temporarily Assigned To the United States (B-1)

Holders of nonimmigrant B,E,F,H,I,J,L,O and P visas, and U.S. citizens planning temporary stays in the United States, are eligible to be accompanied by domestic employees during their visit to the United States, subject to certain conditions. Please read the requirements outlined below.

  • The employee has a residence abroad which he or she has no intention of abandoning;
  • The employee can demonstrate at least one year experience as a domestic or domestic employee
  • The employee has been employed outside the United States as a domestic or domestic employee by the employer for at least one year prior to the date of the employer’s admission to the United States; or if the employee-employer relationship existed immediately prior to the time of visa application, the employer can demonstrate that he or she regularly employed domestic or domestic servants over a period of several years preceding the visa application

Domestic employee of U.S. citizens temporarily assigned to the United States:

  • The U.S. employer normally works abroad;
  • The U.S. employer is returning to the United States for no more than 4 years;
  • The employee can demonstrate at least one year experience as a domestic or domestic employee.

How to Apply

In addition to the basic documentary requirements, the applicant must submit the following additional documentary requirements on his or her interview appointment date:

1. Original employment contract signed by the employer and the employee. The contract must stipulate:

a) Name of employer who will be traveling with the domestic employee;

b) A description of the work duties of the employee;

c) The number of hours to be worked by the employee per week;

d) The rate of pay (the state or federal minimum or prevailing wage, whichever is greater for every hour worked);

e) The number of authorized holidays, vacation, and sick leave days per year;

f) The regular day(s) off each week;

g) The frequency and form of payment;

h) The rate of overtime pay (state law governing overtime rates can be checked here);

i) Any money deducted for food or lodging;

j) That the employer will not withhold the employee’s passport, employment contract, or other personal property, nor prohibit the employee from leaving the premises when the employee is not on duty;

k) That the employer will pay the domestic employee’s travel expenses to and from the United States:

l) That the employee will not accept any other employment while working for the employer;

m) That both parties understand that the employee cannot be required to remain on the premises after working hours without compensation;

n) That the employer agrees to abide by all Federal, State, and local laws in the United States.

The employee must have in his/her possession an original contract or a copy of the contract, to be presented at the Port of Entry, showing original signatures of both the employer and the employee.

2. Employer’s proof of ability to pay the employee’s wages while in the United States.

3. Documents signifying employer’s nonimmigrant status or temporary stay in the United States. If the employer is an American Citizen, please provide documents demonstrating the American Citizen’s residency status abroad.

4. Evidence of ties and financial status of the applicant in Trinidad.

Please read this pamphlet (PDF 2 MB) prior to your visa interview. You will be asked if you have received, read, and understood its contents.


  • While it is not required, we encourage the employer to accompany the domestic employee to the interview to ensure compliance with U.S. labor laws. It may not be necessary for an officer to interview an employer. For identification purposes, the employer must bring his/her passport with valid U.S. visa. The employer need not book a separate appointment to accompany the domestic employee to the interview.
  • All documents must be original. Photocopies will not be accepted, unless specified. The applicant must submit these documents to the interviewing consular officer during the interview. Documents are not accepted before the interview. Please note, however, the presentation of documents will not guarantee visa issuance. Applicants must still qualify under INA Section 214(b). Please feel free to visit the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Trinidad & Tobago Government Officials, Employees of International Organizations and Staff of Diplomatic Missions applying for visas for official travel or those assuming duties in the United States are required to have the following :

Valid Passport

DS 160 Confirmation Sheet

Recent Passport-size Photo (2”x 2” on white background)

Diplomatic Note from Ministry/Diplomatic Mission or Official Request from International Organization.

Please contact our section directly for further information on application procedures: