U.S. Embassy in Arima – November 14

The U.S. Embassy will move to Arima for one day on November 14.  The Embassy’s offices will be based at various locations throughout Arima from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“The U.S. Embassy’s visit to Arima is part of our continued engagement with communities in Trinidad and Tobago and follows our visit to San Fernando in June,” stated Chargé McIntyre. “It is an opportunity to share information about what we do. We will meet with business leaders, academia, law enforcement, consular wardens, and others.”

In collaboration with Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian and the Borough Corporation, the day will start with the raising of the U.S. flag – symbolizing the Embassy’s presence – followed by an opening ceremony in the Larry Gomes Stadium.

An agenda of public activities will be available on the U.S. Embassy website and Facebook page. The Embassy will not issue visas during the visit to Arima but plans a public information session on the visa application process.

Media are invited to provide coverage of the following:

08:00          Flag raising ceremony, Larry Gomes Stadium

08:15          Opening Ceremony, VIP Room, Larry Gomes Stadium

08:45          Photo-op K-9 handover to TTPS Mounted Branch,