U.S. Army South and TTDF to co-host Interagency Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief Workshop

U.S. Army South through the U.S. Embassy and the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force (TTDF) will co-host a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief workshop in Port of Spain September 12-16.  The workshop is designed to promote interagency cooperation and bring together 21 nations to increase awareness of capabilities in the region that each country can draw on in the event of a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief need. The Caribbean Region will be the primary focus for this workshop.

The event seeks to foster relationships and provide a conduit for the sharing of information in order to bridge the gaps involved in planning, mitigating and responding to disasters.  The workshop will also facilitate partner nations’ team working and networking with both civil and military agencies in forming and implementing policies, doctrine and best practices.

Some topics that will be covered in the workshop include Response to a Disaster, Disaster Risk Reduction, Mitigation of Medical Operations, Capabilities and Strategic Planning in Support of the Caribbean Region.

The United States and Trinidad and Tobago are long-standing partners, and our relationship is rooted in the shared values of democracy, human rights and cultural diversity.  Army South appreciates the valued partnership and is excited to co-host this informative workshop in Port of Spain.