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May 26, 2021

portrait of female coach at soccer team practice


  • Gain exposure to the U.S. sports business, media, start-up, and non-profit environments from the grassroots to boardroom levels;
  • Establish lasting relationships with a global sports network;
  • Develop social innovation, advocacy, and leadership skills so that they can further contribute to economic growth and healthy communities;
  • Develop strategies aimed at long-term positive change in their home countries. Note: Instead of a full action plan this year, the 2021 virtual exchange will allow for delegates to address key timely issues (e.g. COVID relief in the sports sector, health and wellness, social justice). They will be responsible for preparing a multi-media (e.g. audio, written, Powerpoint, video) presentation on the three key takeaways from the mentorship and three ways that they will work differently in the future.

Requirements for Candidates 

  • Approximately ages 25 to 40.
  • Driven to strive for gender equality through sports in their home country and beyond;
  • Involved in sports sectors including; sports management; coaching; sports journalism; sports marketing; sports innovation; disability sports; and/or sports medicine;
  • Able to reach top levels of their organization;
  • Citizens of the nominating country;
  • Confident, self-motivated, and driven towards success;
  • Poised to share knowledge and acting as a change agent at home;
  • Able to commit to the synchronous virtual activities (approximately two hours daily from October 11 to November 12) and able to devote time to pre-program online exercises;
  • Willing to participate in social media for the program and alumni activities after the exchange.

Once you meet and complete the requirements send an email to thomas-myersva@state.gov no later than June 13th with the following: 

  • Current resume (CV) (as attachment);
  • Basic biographical information;
  • Details about the sports work in which the nominee is engaged, the sector of her organization (e.g. private, public, NGO), and her role within the organization;
  • Description of the nominee’s personal interests and goals;
  • One paragraph on why the nominee should be selected;
  • Letters of recommendation (optional).