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Statement on the Relocation of U.S. Embassy Port of Spain
April 27, 2022

The U.S. Department of State is in discussions to relocate the U.S. Embassy in Port of Spain.  Once a decision is concluded on a site, the Embassy will issue a statement.  This important and exciting project will benefit the people of Trinidad and Tobago in many ways.


The U.S. Government’s commitment to the construction of a new embassy is a powerful indicator of the longstanding, robust relationship between the people and government of the United States and the people and government of Trinidad and Tobago.  In addition to providing scores of jobs during the new embassy’s construction, the project will showcase state-of-the-art and eco-friendly designs and materials.  It will also allow us to better serve our constituents, improve the experience for visa applicants, and provide new and improved facilities and services for those conducting business with the U.S. Government.