Spoken word anti-violence campaign teaches youth “Normal, Not Normal”

2 Cent Movement poets act out scene.

In our continuing outreach to at-risk youths, the Embassy partnered with The 2 Cents Movement, Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) Hearts and Minds, and Freetown Collective to host a theatrical performance at the Central Bank Auditorium on August 24, culminating the first phase of a four month long “Normal, Not Normal” campaign project. The performance marked the beginning of the next phase of the campaign against violence that will reach secondary school aged students throughout Trinidad. Through the use of spoken word poetry and music, the performances and subsequent discussions demonstrated a variety of difficult issues affecting youth today including violence, drugs and sexual abuse and emphasized that these behaviors are “not normal” in a healthy prosperous society. In attendance were children ages 7 – 18, government officials, community advocates, and law enforcement.