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Remarks by Ambassador Candace Bond at the Trinidad and Tobago Blind Welfare Association
June 5, 2023


Remarks for United States Ambassador Candace Bond at
Trinidad and Tobago Blind Welfare Association
Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 12:20 pm

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and fellow advocates of social progress.  I am delighted to be here today during my first trip to San Fernando to highlight the great partnership that the U.S. embassy has established here, and to emphasize the rights that we all share.

U.S. Embassy Port of Spain has partnered with the NGO “Restore A Sense Of I Can” in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Blind Welfare Association.

We have given a grant for approximately U.S.$20,000 to develop the digital capacity of visually impaired participants.

The program supports our mission’s efforts and aims to enhance opportunities and protections for vulnerable communities.

I am happy to tell you that this grant and program will result in many benefits and tangible impacts:

  • at least 50 participants will complete the tech programs.
  • five participants will be selected to become trainers who will then focus on making the training available, sustainable, and accessible to the community after the activities of the grant are completed.
  • the program will reach at least 100 participants through monthly webinars designed to teach about the role of visually impaired people working in the tech industry.

Disability rights are human rights, not special rights.  Persons with disabilities have the same rights as any other person, including to access, social inclusion, and equality of opportunity.

Empowering visually impaired people is undeniably good for society.  When we provide opportunities for skills development and employment, we uplift individuals and communities and foster self-sufficiency.

Vulnerable communities can become creators and contributors in the digital economy to enhance their economic prospects, provide professional and employment opportunities for other people, and pave the way for a more equitable society.

Thank you for coming here today to shed light on the important work that we are doing at the U.S. embassy through our great and strong partnerships.  Every person has worth and dignity.