Integrated Arts and Technology project launched

Officials from the Ministry of Education and U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Stephen Weeks at the launch of the Integrated Arts and Technology Project at NAPA, Port of Spain

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with the United States Embassy on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 announced the launch of the Integrated Arts and Technology Project to be implemented in 16 secondary schools in Trinidad, two of which will be selected from Tobago. The event took place at the National Academy for the Performing Arts, Port of Spain.

The project is aligned to the Ministry’s thrust to improve numeracy and literacy among students in the nation’s schools. This project will target form one students in the areas of Mathematics, Science and English Language Arts, integrating Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, and Information Technology (IT). The goal of the Integrated Arts and Technology Project is to develop a symbiotic relationship between the arts, technology and the core curricula subjects, with an aim to improve student engagement and achievement.

Stephen Weeks, Public Affairs Officer at the United States Embassy said the Integrated Arts and Technology Project is ideal for Trinidad and Tobago, stating that the US Embassy is a committed friend and partner on this and other endeavours.

“Every child has something to offer. When we don’t provide every opportunity to a child they are not able to flourish and that is our loss…We want to see the children of Trinidad and Tobago succeed,” he said. The Embassy is footing the cost of bringing in a consultant from May 10 to 12, 2017 to discuss the way forward for the project. Among the stakeholders who will be part of the discussions are the principals and the teachers involved in the project, teacher training institutions, the Ministry of Education and the US Embassy.

John Roopchan, Director of the Curriculum Division said, “Science and Math does not exist by itself. All disciplines are integrated in real life and therefore should never be seen as clinically separate.” Integrated Arts, he explained, is a teaching strategy that seamlessly merges core curricula with the Arts to build real-life connections while providing fun and engaging content.The infusion of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) serves to enhance the teaching and learning process.

The project is set to kick-off in September and is expected to boost students’ Literacy and English Language Arts (ELA) skills, enhance achievements in Mathematics, engage and motivate them to learn, develop critical thinking, foster creativity, and build collaboration and communication skills.

Press Release courtesy the Ministry of Education