Sections & Offices

The Management Section provides the administrative support platform for the Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago. It includes Budget and Fiscal, Facilities Maintenance, General Services Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Medical/Health Unit Services and Community Liaison Office Operations.

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) is responsible for all media, educational and cultural exchanges, American speaker programs and other public issues in support of the Embassy’s Mission.

PAS facilitates all Fulbright Exchange Programs, all International Visitor Programs and U.S. Speaker/Specialists for a myriad of local contacts.

PAS also supports a public American Center, which is open to the general public for research purposes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-3:00 p.m. and also offers educational counseling for locals wishing to study in the United States. Email: 

The Public Affairs Section is managed by two American Officers, referred to as the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) and the Deputy Public Affairs Officer (DPAO), and includes six Locally Employed Staff (LES).

Public Affairs Officer:
The Public Affairs Officer manages the Public Affairs Section and its activities.

Deputy Public Affairs Officer:
The DPAO supports the PAO in managing the Section and oversees all PAS activities in the PAO’s absence.

Administrative Assistant:
The Office Management Specialist for the Public Affairs Section.

Press Specialist:
The Press Specialist is the embassy’s first line of contact with the local media. Monitors the local news in order to track media trends for reporting purposes. Assists the PAO with press releases and media conferences and other media outreach events. Responsible for the Embassy’s website.

Cultural Affairs Specialist:
The Cultural Affairs Specialist manages the Fulbright Academic Exchange Program in Trinidad and Tobago. The Liaison Officer on the Executive Committee of the Fulbright Alumni Association of Trinidad and Tobago and administers the International Visitor Leadership Program.

Cultural Affairs Assistant:
The Cultural Affairs Assistant administers the grants program at Post.

Education and Libraries Specialist:
The Education and Libraries Specialist is responsible for research, reference and outreach services conducted by the American Center. Reviews information resources regularly and tailors distribution to selective audiences.

Visual Diplomacy Assistant:
The Visual Diplomacy Assistant maintains the embassy’s social media pages; provides photographic support for official embassy and public outreach events; as well as back up audio-visual/multi-media, and other technical support for all sections of the Embassy.

The Political/Commercial Section shares information on U.S. policy with the government of Trinidad and Tobago, and consults and cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries and government entities on items of mutual interest and concern.

It also partners with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service in Santo Domingo to promote the export of U.S. goods and services and assist small and medium-sized U.S. companies achieve export success.

The Consular Section provides services to American citizens living in Trinidad and Tobago to include passport services, births and deaths information, notaries and emergency services for American citizens in distress.  The Visa section adjudicates applications for visas both immigrant and non-immigrant. If you have questions about visas please email