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July 2, 2015

Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA)

Starting January 1, 2019, all appointments for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) at U.S. Embassy Port of Spain will be scheduled via email to acspos@state.gov in order to provide better service to our clients. The system will reduce the wait time and help families prepare for the citizenship appointment at the Embassy.

The U.S. Embassy in Trinidad strongly encourages all U.S. citizens who have children born in the Trinidad and Tobago to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) as soon as possible after the birth of the child.  A CRBA is an official record confirming that the child acquired U.S. citizenship at birth.  It can be issued only at a U.S. Embassy or a Consular Office overseas, and only before the child reaches 18 years of age.  Please note that the U.S. Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago can approve or deny CRBA applications only for children born in Trinidad and Tobago.

Only the child’s parent(s) may apply on the child’s behalf. Child’s parent(s) along with the child must be present to sign the application before a U.S. consular officer.  Please note that both parents and the child must come in person to the appointment.

Parents are encouraged to apply for their child’s U.S. Passport at the same time as applying for his/her CRBA.

Forms: (Complete but DO NOT SIGN)

  • Form DS-2029 (PDF-61.2K): Application for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • Passport application must be filled out using the Passport Wizard.  Once completed, please print the application form, but DO NOT sign.  Applications filled out by hand will also be accepted.  If you have not yet applied for your child’s social security number, please enter 000-00-0000 as the social security number in the passport application.
  • One photo – 2″ x 2” (5cm x 5cm) photograph.  The background must be plain white and should not show parents or parents’ hands.  The baby’s eyes must be open. Polaroid photos cannot be used.

Documents: (Originals or certified copy. All original documents will be reviewed by a consular officer and returned to the applicant. Photocopies of these original documents will assist in the processing. )

  • Evidence of your child’s birth
    • Your child birth certificate must be electronic. Electronic birth certificates are provided by these offices of the Registrar General: Ministry of Legal Affairs, South Quay Port of Spain Trinidad.
      Registrar General Caroline Building No 2, 11 Hamilton Street, Scarborough Tobago.
    • Please make sure that the child’s name and both parents’ names on the birth certificate are consistent with the names on the submitted applications and IDs.
  • Mother’s prenatal and hospital records (e.g., ultrasounds, pictures during and after pregnancy, hospital discharge documents, vaccination card for the child, etc.).
  • Evidence of U.S. Citizenship of the parent(s):
    • U.S Passport
    • Consular Report of Birth Abroad
    • Certificate of Naturalization*
    • Certificate of Citizenship*

* American citizen parent must have attained citizenship prior to the child’s birth to transmit citizenship

  • Parents’ current and previous passports
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce decrees/Death Certificates (for all previous marriages)
    • If you have been married before, please bring all past divorce decrees or death certificates (original copies).
    • If you are divorced from the child’s biological parent, please bring a court order establishing custody and guardianship of the child applying for the CRBA.
  • Fee: $215 ($100 CRBA and $115 Passport) – All fees are payable in U.S. dollars or TT dollars at the Embassy’s exchange rate. The Embassy also accepts   payment via Master/Visa credit card.
  • Evidence of the American parent’s physical presence in the U.S.
    • If the parents are married and only one parent is a U.S. citizen and the other is not, the U.S. citizen parent must provide evidence of his or her actual presence in the U.S. for five years (two of them after the age of 14) before the birth.
    • If the parents are not married and the mother is a U.S. citizen, she must present evidence of one year’s continual physical presence in the United States. (However, the mother of a child born out of wedlock cannot use time spent abroad as a military member or dependent to satisfy all or part of the requirement of continuous physical presence in the United States for 1 year.)
    • If the parents are not married and the father is a U.S. citizen, more evidence may be requested along with the five years physical presence requirement. Click here-Some examples of documentary evidence

Please note: Based on the evidence provided, it is up to the reviewing officer to determine if the eligibility for transmission of citizenship requirement has been met.  If more information is required, these additional items, along with any missing documents, will be explained to you with an itemized list indicating the document(s) necessary to complete your child’s application.  You have 90 calendar days from the submission of your application to complete the process.

DNA Examinations

  • In some instances it is not possible to conclusively determine the U.S. citizenship of a child at birth based on the documents submitted. In these cases, the Consular Officer may request a DNA exam to establish parentage.  This will involve the supervised taking of saliva samples from the parties involved by an accredited laboratory.  Please do not conduct independent DNA exams, as only results from Embassy requested tests can be used to determine a genetic relationship for citizenship purposes.

Upon approval of a complete application,  the Consular Report of Birth Abroad and U.S. passport for your child will be delivered to you in two to three weeks.  For Delivery, you must obtain a TTPOST TrackPak (Foolscap size) envelope for the CRBA and a TTPOST TrackPak (A5 size) for the passport. Bring these Trackpaks with you to your appointment.