Ask the U.S. Consul June 2016

Visa photo

My visa appointment is booked and paid for – now what?

Congratulations!  You have completed most of the visa application process including filling out the online form and paying at Scotia Bank.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for the day:

Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your appointment.  If you show up earlier, you will be asked to wait away from the Consular entrance, both for security and to avoid overcrowding in the waiting room.

Only applicants will be allowed to enter the waiting room, or one parent with a minor applicant.  All others, including petitioners or American citizen relatives of visa holders, will be denied entry.  If an applicant requires the aid of an assistant or translator please send us an email requesting their entry in advance of your appointment at
Bring a sweater and some reading material.  All ELECTRONIC DEVICES are forbidden so leave them at home or make arrangements to store them off Embassy grounds.

Fees are usually paid in advance, however, some applicants may have to pay additional fees on the day of the appointment.  The Embassy accepts U.S. and T.T. dollars and major credit cards.

The Embassy processes applications as quickly as possible, but the visa interview and application review can take several hours.  On rare occasions, the applicant may be asked to return for another appointment.

Occasionally, a case will need investigation or further review that may delay the processing of the visa application by several weeks.  In such instances, applicants may be asked to wait for further contact from the Embassy, or asked to submit additional documentation by courier.

Also – RELAX!  We understand that the visa process and interview can be long and nerve-racking.  Be prepared to answer questions directly and honestly, so that the Consular Officer can determine whether you overcome the requirements of U.S. immigration laws.  If you don’t qualify on the day of your appointment, there is no mandatory waiting period before you can apply again.   Be sure to read the letter from the Consular Officer describing our laws carefully before you decide to reapply.

Finally, if for some reason you miss your appointment, you will have to enter a “no-show” on the online application system in order to reschedule.