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Ask the Consul — September 2023
September 11, 2023

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Question: My tourist visa expired in 2021. I’m planning a trip for Christmas this year. Will I qualify to mail in my application, and how long will it take?

Answer: The U.S. Embassy in Port of Spain is pleased to announce there is no longer a waiting period for people who qualify to submit a non-immigrant visa application through the interview waiver program. Once your passport is received in the Consular Section, the processing time is around two weeks.

The interview waiver program is available for applicants with U.S. visas that expired within the last 48 months, minor applicants under the age of 14 with at least one parent who possesses a valid visa, or applicants who are over 79 years old.

The first step in the interview waiver process is filling out a DS-160 visa application form found at http://trinidadandtobago.usvisa-info.com/ . The information on the form must match the biographic data on the passport. If you choose to have someone assist you with completion of the form, you are still responsible for the accuracy of the information. Review all the information in the application before submission. You must include the printed confirmation page with your interview waiver application package when you put it in the mail.

The second step is to register for service online at the information and appointment website https://ais.usvisa-info.com/, where you will create a new account.  Be sure you use a current and valid email address.  Secure the password you use to create the online profile, and ensure you can access your profile to receive updates about your application.

After you register for an account, you will be prompted to answer several questions that determine if you will qualify to mail your application.  Be sure to read the questions carefully.  Answer them truthfully and accurately.

You will be prompted to generate a payment slip for Scotiabank. There is no online payment option. You must pay at Scotiabank in person.

After payment, please log into your account and follow the instructions. Your package to the embassy must include a valid passport; the previous passport with the most recent visa (if applicable); a recent passport-size (5cm x 5cm/2in. x 2in.) color photo with a solid white background, no spectacles; the electronic visa application form confirmation page (DS-160); mail-in authorization; and for minor applicants, a photocopy of the polymer birth certificate and a photocopy of the parent’s or parents’ valid U.S. visa(s).

To avoid delay, enclose a recent passport-size photo within the guidelines provided.  Do not send original marriage or birth certificates. Clear photocopies of these documents are acceptable.  Only DHL may courier interview waiver applications.

Do not make firm plans or purchase airline tickets until you receive your passport back with the visa.

For further information, visit official websites including the U.S. Embassy Port of Spain’s website at tt.usembassy.gov, the Visa Information and Appointment Website at http://trinidadandtobago.usvisa-info.com/, or https://travel.state.gov/ .