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Ask the Consul — March 2023
March 6, 2023

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Question: I am a new artist and I have been approached to perform in New York City in September.  Will I be able to apply for the visa now?

Answer: Individual artists or groups require a valid work visa to enter the United States to perform. The Consular Section reminds all visa applicants that working on a B1/B2 visa is prohibited and taken very seriously as a violation of U.S. immigration law. Working on a B1/B2 can lead to revocation of existing visas and will impact your future eligibility for non-immigrant visas.

To obtain a temporary worker visa, your potential employer/promoter in the United States must first file a temporary worker petition on your behalf.
Petitions are filed through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Once the petition is approved, you will receive an approval notice. Only after this notice is received can you then proceed to apply for the relevant non-immigrant visa at the Embassy.

For detailed information about the non-immigrant visa application process, please go to the official Information and Appointment Website: http://trinidadandtobago.usvisa-info.com .

Non-immigrant visa applicants are required to complete the DS-160 electronic application form, register for service online, pay the application fee in person at a local Scotiabank, schedule an appointment, and attend a visa interview.

The accuracy of the information on the DS-160 is your responsibility, regardless of who actually types in the information. Therefore, review the questions carefully and respond truthfully.

Avoid scams by not providing information or funds to online vendors or persons purporting to represent the Consular Section who say they can influence the visa process.

If you have any concerns or require clarification at any stage of the process, please email the Consular Section at consularpos@state.gov .

Current wait times for performer visa are less than a week. In the rare situation you select an interview date that is after, or less than two weeks before, your proposed travel date, you can submit a request to have the appointment(s) expedited. These requests are submitted via the online applicant profile.

If a visa is approved on the day of the interview, passports are returned in 7 to 10 working days. While the Consular Section may approve an expedited appointment request, visa processing cannot be expedited.

To avoid delay and assist our security personnel and greeters with check-in when you come for your visa interview, place your application documents and forms of identification in a clear plastic folder.

Weapons, cellular phones, other electronic devices, wallets, bags, and liquids are not allowed into the Consular Section waiting area. These items should be secured elsewhere prior to your arrival.

For more information on the non-immigrant visa application process, please visit trinidadandtobago.usvisa-info.com .